Agroflat excellent resistance discharge hose

Agroflat is an excellent resistance flat hose, made of rubber, double layer of polyester insert.


– excellent resistance to abrasion and intensive use by professionals.
– highly resistant to oil, gasoline and a wide range of chemicals.
– very resistant to both contact and radiant heat.
– light and flexible hose even at low temperatures (-15ºC). Easy to handle and roll up.
– highly resistant to breakage thanks to the specially-made textile.


– motorpump discharge with high pressure.
– irrigation systems delivery in agriculture.
– construction, civil and industrial works, protection for tubing and cables.

No maintenance or drying necessary.
Outer grooves to improve resistance to abrasion and ease of use.

The hose is supplied in single length of 50 m, black. It can be utilized with temperatures between  -30°C and +80°C, working pressure 1/3 of burst pressure.

furtun refulare rezistent agroflat

May 14, 2018 Noutati
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